Saturday, October 21, 2006

Session 454
Q: Are the mushrooms the placebo? Are the mushrooms really … I understand like when I ingest them, I instantly connect with my higher self. I feel like my thoughts are clear. I feel like the connection with everything, with nature and with the totality of myself. I feel that connection, and I know that I can feel that way without them. What is it that stops me from getting to that point?

ELIAS: Let me express to you, you are correct. You may be creating this same action without the engagement of this particular substance, and you may also be creating it with the engagement of the substance.I shall first of all address to you that within the engagement of ANY element that you identify as any particular substance within this dimension, most of what you shall experience is motivated and influenced by what you believe.

The actual innate quality which is expressed through the consciousness of the substance itself – which is its function intrinsic to itself in ALL of these different substances – is that it shall create a thickness of energy which shall be affecting of your perception. This is the ONLY action that is innately intrinsic to the substance itself.Beyond this, what occurs or what is created in conjunction with the ingesting of ANY type of substance upon your planet is directly influenced by the individual’s belief systems and their allowance of certain affectingnesses.

Therefore, some individuals may be incorporating substances and they may be experiencing what they term to be very negative elements and they place very strong judgments and belief systems upon these areas. Other individuals may allow themselves an opening to their awareness. It is very much an expression of the individual and what they shall allow within their individual experience. It is not the substance itself which is creating specific responses.Therefore, you hold the ability in the incorporation of any substance to be directing your experience within that.

This be the reason that I have expressed to many individuals that many of these substances may be incorporated within quite pleasurable experiences. It is merely your belief systems that dictate differently to you.I express to you that the incorporation of any of these actions is not right or wrong. It merely is a choice of experience. You hold the ability to be directing that experience, be it the incorporation of your term of mushrooms, or be it fermented incorporated elements in your alcohols, or your different incorporations of plants that you may be interactive with … even within your synthetic creations of what you in physical focus term to be your synthetic drugs.

You hold very strong belief systems that they shall be incorporating certain actions, certain responses within you that are beyond your control. They shall be affecting of you in certain manners that you view negatively.I express to you, this is all the dictates of your belief systems. You may incorporate any of these actions pleasurably and you may be manipulating your energy to be directed in whichever manner you are so choosing. Therefore, if you are choosing to incorporate ANY of these elements into your reality and [to be] incorporating them as a facilitating action to widen your awareness or open to your different elements of consciousness, you may be engaging that action, and quite efficiently and quite realistically.I hold no judgment upon any of these incorporations of what you choose to be engaging in your physical focus. YOU have all created all of this for YOUR incorporation.

Saturday, October 14, 2006

If it wasn't for blogs I wouldn't still have these photos!

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

"I may express to each of you that even if you allow yourself to materialize an apple within your hand from nothing, the likelihood of your acceptance of that is quite thin. What you probably would generate would be to dematerialize it again and to attempt to materialize it again, and continue to question whether you actually accomplished this action and generate a skepticism of whether the apple is genuinely real or not, or whether you have merely imagined it. "


Monday, July 10, 2006

Does one really have to fret
About enlightenment?
No matter what road I travel,
I'm going home.

Friday, July 07, 2006

None of the prophesied destruction man so fears is a reality in time
Session 799 page 214
The Nature of the Psyche
Some see the end of the world coming as a greater disaster, or envision man finally ruining his planet. Others see periods of peace and advance - and each probability will happen somewhere.
Session 742 page 638
The Unknown Reality, Volume 2
"If you want to change the world for the better, then you are an idealist. If you want to change the world for the better, but you believe it cannot be changed one whit, then you are a pessimist, and your idealism will only haunt you. If you want to change the world for the better, but you believe that it will grow worse, despite everyone’s efforts, then you are a truly despondent, perhaps a misguided idealist. If you want to change the world for the better, and if you are determined to do so, no matter at what cost to yourself or others, no matter what the risk, and if you believe that those ends justify any means at your disposal, then you are a fanatic."
Session 850 page 215
The Individual and the Nature of Mass Events
"Your spirit joined itself with flesh, and in flesh, to experience a world of incredible richness, to help create a dimension of reality of colors and of form. Your spirit was born in flesh to enrich a marvelous area of sense awareness, to feel energy made into corporeal form. You are here to use, enjoy, and express yourself through the body. You are here to aid in the great expansion of consciousness, You are not here to cry about the miseries of the human condition, but to change them when you find them not to your liking through the joy, strength and vitality that is within you; to create the spirit as faithfully and beautifully as you can in flesh."
Session 615 page 26-27
The Nature of Personal Reality
"Remember, even false beliefs will seem to be justified in terms of physical data, since your experience in the outside world is the materialization of those beliefs. So you must work with the raw material of your ideas, even while your sense data may tell you that a given belief is obviously a truth. To change your experience or any portion of it, then, you must change your ideas. Since you have been forming your own reality all along, the results will follow naturally."
Session 615 page se29
The Nature of Personal Reality
"But remember, as you continue to practice trusting yourself and trusting your allowance of your preferences, and you genuinely allow yourself to experience that trust, what you shall reflect to yourself is the same, and you shall not be encountering the opposition. Even if you are encountering some opposition, you shall perceive it quite differently, and you shall not respond to it genuinely. For you shall automatically reconfigure the energy, which also is received by the other individual, which reconfigures their energy for they are also reflecting; and in their reflection, they are receiving YOUR energy expression, which is what influences them in their blueprint of you."
"In this, I may say to you that you may choose what you want to be sharing and choose what you do not want to be sharing. You may be incorporating that expression of exposure and vulnerability, and not express to yourself that you have to be sharing every aspect of yourself or your experiences or your encounters with other individuals. But also, in another regard, do not limit yourself if you want to be sharing your experiences and your interactions. Do not restrict yourself, incorporating the basis that other individuals may misunderstand or that it shall be confusing to them. For those are their choices, and they may choose whether to receive and whether to participate or not. That should not be what dictates whether you allow yourself to express yourself. Now; if you are apprehensive and you are listening to yourself and you choose in any particular moment not to be sharing some of your interaction for you may be anticipating a responsiveness from other individuals which is uncomfortable to you, you may choose how you incorporate what you share with other individuals. Allow yourself the freedom to express what you want. If you are incorporating excitement and wish to be sharing your experience with other individuals, allow yourself to do so. But listen to yourself also, and if you are receptive to an energy which is uncomfortable to you, allow yourself to be responsive to that also, and not force yourself to be interactive in an uncomfortable manner."

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

"We shall be discussing consciousness; stepping sideways in consciousness and holding objective awareness of areas of consciousness. And also, we shall be discussing responsibility within what you are creating in consciousness.
You are the most familiar with your objective waking state of consciousness, but there are other areas of consciousness that are only very slightly removed from your objective waking consciousness. These areas are quite easily accessed. In actuality, you access these areas more often than you realize. You merely do not notice what you are accessing. An extreme example of one area of stepping sideways while you are engaged in objective waking state would be a state of what you term to be daydreaming. This is a more extreme action of moving sideways within your objective waking state. You may move slightly less sideways, holding to your objective waking state, not allowing yourselves to drift so completely as within a state of daydreaming but also stepping slightly to the side of yourselves, and you may hold a greater understanding of your reality.
In this, being fully objectively aware, you may allow yourselves a slight movement to alter your perception just slightly, allowing yourself to move into a feeling or a thought or a physical feeling -- not emotion -- and examine this area. In this, what I am expressing to you may be likened to creating a landscape for a thought, or creating an inner landscape for an emotion, or creating an inner landscape for a physical feeling; being fully aware objectively, fully conscious as you term this to be, and noticing a thought or an emotion or a physical feeling, and in this, isolate the individual thought or feeling or emotion and create a landscape for this within you. In doing this, you may view other elements that are connected with this thought. You wish to look futurely; you wish to see into your future. You may, by examining your inner landscape. You hold an emotion. You may create a physical landscape from this emotion. You may create an entire scene stemming merely from one emotion. Allow yourself to move into the area of the emotion, examining it, and from this allowing yourself to visualize, springing initially, colors that you may identify with this emotion. Create these colors into a landscape. It may be a forest; it may be a lake; it may be a beach; it may be a field. It may be any landscape that you choose; and as you visualize this landscape and you move into examining this, knowing that this landscape is created by one emotion or one thought or one physical feeling, you may allow yourselves to interpret the elements of the landscape, which may also inform you of the direction that you are moving into, which shall be offering you information of what you are creating futurely.
An example: You hold a physical feeling; an ailment. In this, you may look to this ailment; the affected area of your physical body; (to Letty) your asthma. You may look to the actual organs which are affected. In this, you shrink yourself into yourself, create a tiny little you, and place it inside of you. Look to the physical form and create an inner landscape. We shall use a landscape of a tree-lined meadow. In this landscape, as you -- being this tiny little you -- move through the landscape, you may view each element within this landscape -- each flower, each blade of grass, each tree -- as an element of you and the physical ailment. As you move through this landscape, you may alter the landscape. You may rearrange the landscape. You may place your trees in different areas; and as you move objects within your landscape, you also alter actions within your intent within your physical form, for you are altering your action. You may also allow yourselves clues. As you view new flowers springing up within your landscape, you may also interpret this as new elements developing within the landscape that is your ailment. As you view certain elements disappearing within your landscape, you also may interpret this as elements and aspects of your ailment disappearing. As you choose to erase elements from your landscape, you may also offer to yourself the acknowledgment that you are beginning to actively uncreate the ailment.
You may use this process of slightly stepping sideways within consciousness, being fully awake, being fully objectively aware, with many different aspects of your focus. You may isolate a thought, and you may create the same landscape. You may isolate an emotion and you may create an inner landscape which shall allow you to view aspects of this thought or emotion, and you may view what you may anticipate futurely; for as you enter more elements into your landscape, you may also be assured that you are creating more aspects connected with this thought or emotion. As you are eliminating elements from your landscape, you may also assure yourself that you are letting go of certain elements of the thought or emotion that you are choosing to be eliminating. You may also engage this process with each other. You may step sideways with each other within the desire to be affecting or helpful with another individual. In this, you may create a little tiny you, and you may enter another individual and enter their landscape. (Commotion in the room) I am quite pleased! In entering into another individual's landscape, you are not creating their landscape, but you may view their landscape. In this, you may be helpful in expressing to the other individual what you view within their landscape, therefore offering them more information also; for they may be blocking part of their ability to reach their landscape, and therefore you may be helpful in this manner. You may also intersect with another aspect of yourself, another focus, and you may connect with their inner landscape.
Now we move into the area of responsibility. As you are affecting of your own inner landscapes, you hold the responsibility to yourselves and to all consciousness to be affecting beneficially. As you move into areas of affectingness with other individuals or other focuses, even of yourself, you hold more responsibility, for you are now affecting of another focus. Therefore, you hold the responsibility of the expression of essence. This is very important! It is important that you realize that you DO hold a responsibility within consciousness. I do not express to you that all of your existence is merely an experience with no responsibility! You experience for the experience; but you also hold tremendous responsibility to be expressing from essence. (Firmly) Expression of essence is not to be concerning yourself with all other individuals and their creation of reality, and creating judgment within you as to other individuals' creations of their reality. Your responsibility is to be accepting within yourself, and of all other individuals! I may not express this strongly enough. It is very important!
This, be remembering: Each action that you create, you also are affecting within consciousness. Each action that you take, you affect all of consciousness. Therefore, you may quite understand the responsibility that you hold within these actions.
I express to you though, it is much easier than you realize to be stepping sideways within consciousness and offering yourselves much more information than you presently do. It is quite easy to be creating of these inner landscapes, and be offering yourself and others much information."
(Session 850 ):
"There is nothing more stimulating, more worthy of actualization, than the desire to change the world for the better. That is indeed each person's mission (intently). You begin by working in that area of activity that is your own unique one, with your own life and activities. You begin in the corner of an office, or on the assembly line, or in the advertising agency, or in the kitchen. You begin where you are---When you fulfill your own abilities, when you express your personal idealism through acting it out to the best of your ability in your daily life, then you *are* changing the world for the better."

Sunday, July 02, 2006

"Generally speaking, once a Speaker always a Speaker, in your terms. In some incarnations, the abilities might be used so powerfully that all other aspects of the personality remained in the background. At other times, the capabilities might be timidly used. The Speakers possess an extraordinary vividness of feeling and thought projection. They can impress others with greater import through their communications. They can move from inner to outer reality with easy ability. They know instinctively how to use symbolism. They are highly creative on an unconscious level, constantly forming psychic frameworks beneath normal consciousness that can be used both by themselves and others in dream and trance states. They often appear to others in the dream condition, and they help dreamers in the manipulation of inner reality. They form images with which the dreamers can relate, images that can be used as bridges and then as gateways into kinds of consciousness more separated from your own. The _symbolism_ of the gods, the idea of the gods on Olympus, for example, the crossing-over point at the River Styx -- that kind of phenomenon was originated by the Speakers. The symbolisms and frameworks of religion, therefore, has to exist not only in the physical world, but also in the unconscious one. Outside of your own framework, houses as such or dwellings as such are not needed, and yet in trance encounters or dream encounters with other realities, such structures are frequently seen. They are transformations of data into terms that will be meaningful to you. After death, for example, an individual may continue to create there -- masses of individuals may -- until they realize that the frameworks are no longer necessary. The Speakers were not confined in their activities, therefore, to waking consciousness. In all periods of your time they went about their duties both in the waking and the sleep state. Much of the most pertinent information, in fact, was memorized by trainees during the dream condition, and passed on in the same manner. These unwritten manuscripts therefore were also illustrated, so to speak, by dream journeys or field trips into other kinds of reality. Such training still goes on. The particular psychic or story framework may vary. For example, conventional images of the Christian God and the saints may be utilized by the Speakers, with all of this highly vivid. The dreamer may find himself then in a magnificent harem, or instead in a brilliantly illuminated field or sky. Some Speakers confine their abilities to the dream state; and, waking, are largely unconscious of their own abilities or experience. Now it is meaningless to call such dreams or dream places hallucinations, for they are representations of definite "objective" realities that you cannot perceive as yet in their own guise. The Egyptian religion was largely based upon the work of the Speakers, and great care was given to their training. The outward manifestations given to the masses of the people became so distorted, however, that the original unity of the religion finally decayed."
Seth Speaks,
Session 569
:The methods, the secret methods behind all of the religions, were meant to lead man into a realm of understanding that existed apart from the symbols and the stories, into inner realizations that would take him both within and without the physical world that he knew. There are many manuscripts still not discovered, from old monasteries particularly in Spain, that tell of underground groups within religious orders who kept these secrets alive when other monks were copying old Latin manuscripts. There were tribes who never learned to write in Africa and Australia who also knew these secrets, and men called `Speakers' who memorized them and spread them upward, even throughout northern portions of Europe, before the time of Christ. The world was far more ripe for Christianity than people suppose, because of these groups. The ideas were `buried' already throughout Europe. Many important concepts were lost, however. The emphasis was on practical methods of living – quite simply – rules that could be understood, but the reasons for them were forgotten. The Druids obtained some of their concepts from Speakers. So did theEgyptians. The Speakers predated the emergence of any religions thatyou know, and the religions of the Speakers arose spontaneously inmany scattered areas, then grew like wildfire from the heart ofAfrica and Australia. There was one separate group in an area wherethe Aztecs dwelled at a later date, though the land mass wassomewhat different then, and some of the lower cave dwellings attimes were under water.Various bands of the Speakers continued through the centuries.Because they were trained so well, the messages retained theirauthenticity. They believed, however, that it was wrong to set wordsinto written form, and so did not record them. They also usednatural earth symbols, but clearly understood the reasons for this.The Speakers, singly, existed in your Stone Age period, and wereleaders. Their abilities helped the cavemen survive. There waslittle physical communication, however, In those days between thevarious Speakers, and some were unaware of the existence of theothers.Their message was as `pure' and undistorted as possible. It was forthis reason however, through the centuries, that many who heard ittranslated it into parables and tales. Now, strong portions ofJewish scriptures carry traces of the message of these earlySpeakers, but even here, distortions have hidden the messages.Since consciousness forms matter, and not the other way around, thenthought exists before the brain and after it. A child can thinkcoherently before he learns vocabulary -- but he cannot impress thephysical universe in its terms. So this inner knowledge has alwaysbeen available, but is to become physically manifest -- literallymade flesh. The Speakers were the first to impress this innerknowledge upon the physical system, to make it physically known.Sometimes only one or two Speakers were alive in several centuries.Sometimes there were many. They looked around them and knew thatthe world sprang from their interior reality. They told others.They knew that the seemingly solid natural objects about them werecomposed of many minute consciousnesses.They realized that from their own creativity they formed ideas intomatter, and that the stuff of matter was itself conscious andalive. They were intimately familiar with the natural rapportexisting between themselves and their environment, therefore, andknew that they could alter their environment through their ownacts.("Was Ruburt, or Jane, ever a Speaker?")Ruburt was.("Were you?")I was indeed. There were two others that you know of. The onementioned in class material, and the other yourself.Now the Speakers themselves in the reincarnational process can also use or not use their abilities in any given life, or be aware of them. You must remember, as a postscript, that there have been millions of Speakers."
Seth Speaks,
Session 568
Session 1443:
"For, there are no right answers. There are merely choices and experiences, none of which are right or wrong. It is merely a matter of which beliefs you align with and how you intertwine your own expressions of duplicity, which is also not right or wrong. It merely is your opinion and how YOU view and how YOU align with, in association with your perception. "
Session 1444:
"In that, you express fertile ground for successfulness, for you are not forcing your energy and concerning yourself with it and generating expectations, but rather turning and reconfiguring your energy and generating a different perception, therefore allowing yourself to be more playful with it and generating a curiosity as to your abilities rather than a force."